Planting deciduous shade trees on the south and west sides of your house can significantly reduce your cooling bills, while still allowing the sun to warm your home in the winter. If you're not sure what to plant, check with your local Extension office for a list of trees that will do best in your yard.

Dirty air conditioning intake coils

Have your air conditioner or heat pump
serviced yearly, and blow the grass
clippings away from the unit

Be sure to check the air filter on your furnace and the salt in your water conditioning system monthly. Remember - mechanical systems only work as well as they are maintained!

If your furnace goes out in during windy, snowy weather, be sure to check the intake and exhaust piping to make sure it isn't simply plugged up with snow or frost!

Do your air conditioner a favor today - make sure your air filter is clean. Good air flow will help your a/c work its best!

Due to the miracles of modern technology (gotta love that overused phrase, right?) we take service calls by phone, email, even by text - but over the holidays, on the weekends and after regular hours, the best way is by phone or text, please

With a continued cold and lack of snow cover, you might want to consider covering your septic system with hay or straw for the winter if it is in a mowed area.

Did you know...

... we close and open seasonal homes?

... we install and service swimming pool heaters and filters?

... we have years of experience with oil, gas, electric, and even wood furnaces and boilers?

... World Toilet Day is November 19th?

... April 25 is National Hug A Plumber Day?

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